Mahaya Health Services offers two community programs each year - a  Community Cleanse in the spring and a Stress Reduction Program in the fall.  

Annual Spring Cleanse - This program helps to optimize the bodies natural cleansing and detox functions, and therefore optimize health. At Mahaya, a team of practitioners work to formulate a cleanse protocol specifically for you, to meet your individual health needs. You'll learn what you can implement with lifestyle changes, diet and/or supplements, and will have the energy of a group to suport you through the process. Come learn how a cleanse might be right for you. 

Annual Stress Reduction Program (Fall) - Are you feeling stressed out, anxious, tired, and/or overwhelmed? Do you experience symptoms related to high stress high stress such as poor sleep, fatigue, weight gain, mood swings and digestive symptoms? Come learn how to address the negative impact stress has on both your mind and body in our Stress-Reduction Program, tailored to your individual needs by our team of practitioners. 

If you are interested in learning more about our annual programs, call Mahaya Health at 647.435.0152 or use the appointment request form today.