I’m tired and I don’t want to feel this way anymore!

By. Dr. Lindsey White, ND

Are you doing your best to get ‘enough' sleep, eat ‘right' and exercise, but still feeling fatigued? There may be some underlying imbalances that are leading to this fatigue. But…

The first place to start is to review what is ‘enough’ sleep for you. The current research shows that ‘enough’ varies for every adult. The range is 6-10 hours per night.  So it is possible that you are not getting what is right for you. 

The second step is to look at eating ‘right’ - what exactly does your diet look like? There are always small changes that can help reduce the fatigue. Some examples include adding protein to your snacks and meals, reducing sugar and caffeine, and consuming lots of fruits and vegetables. 

My third recommendation would be to visit a health care practitioner, specifically a naturopathic doctor, to have your blood work reviewed and a complete physical exam. There are specific lab findings, signs and symptoms that can help guide treatment to a healthier you!

If you are interested in seeing a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Lindsey White, ND is available for complimentary 15 minute consults.

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