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Gynecology Services: Gynecological exams are an important part of any woman's health care – a thorough examination can help identify potential health concerns, as well as provide valuable information for early detection and effective treatment of various diseases and disorders. Our NDs are trained in gynecological healthcare and can provide a patient-centered and education-based female health examination. Any questions and concerns you may have will be addressed, additional lab testing will be recommended if required, and naturopathic treatment will be available for any gynecological conditions including cervical dysplasia, cervical cancer, yeast infections, bacterial vaginitis, and urinary tract infections.

Pre Natal Osteopathy: Osteopathy can help yourself and your baby through gentle treatment during your pregnancy. Digestive issues, nausea, back pain, pregnancy induced diabetes, stress and anxiety can all be managed with osteopathic treatment, helping you to connect with both your own body and baby at a deeper level. Visceral osteopathy will adjust the pressure on your abdomen allowing your organs to function better during pregnancy. Treatment will allow your body to relax and softly prepare your pelvis in preparation for giving birth.

Post Natal Osteopathy: After giving birth your body continues to develop and change. Osteopathy can assist with these changes, allowing the body and organs to come into natural alignment. Osteopathy can treat post-partum depression, (often a result of tension along the dura matter or twisted tail bone) difficult lactation, anxiety, poor appetite, and weakness of the pelvic floor (with or without episiotomy).

Osteopathy also has great results with new born babies. Delivery is a demanding experience for such a young being, and even more so when there have been difficulties during delivery. Treatment can address concerns such as neck stiffness, disturbed sleep, regurgitation, poor appetite, and chronic crying. Osteopathy works to improve the baby's physical alignment, relieving tension and allowing balanced growth.

Prenatal Massage shares similar goals of regular massage - to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation (blood and lymphatic), improve mobility, decrease symptoms of depression, improve labour outcomes and health for both mom and baby. Practitioners will adjust their techniques to specifically address the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies.


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