Be sweet and treat your feet – Part One

Almost time to put those heavy coats and boots away and out comes the flip-flops, platform wedges, Chuck Taylors, and ballet shoes?

Putting your feet through long days and nights of little to no arch support and constant pounding on the pavement can leave your feet fatigued, over worked and sore. Bunions, calluses, hammer toe and other problems can arise from prolonged avoidance of foot problems. Flip-flops, for example, offer very little protection. The risk of getting splinters or other foot injuries is higher when the feet are so exposed. In addition, many flip-flops provide no arch support. Like ballet flats, they can aggravate plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the plantar fascia) and cause problems with the knees, hips, or back. Plantar fascia runs along the bottom of the foot. It pulls on the heel when you walk — and it works best with the proper arch in your foot. Walking barefoot, or in flimsy shoes without sufficient arch support, can overstretch, tear, or inflame the plantar fascia. This common condition can cause intense heel pain, and resting the feet only provides temporary relief.

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