What To Expect When You’re Expecting Physio

What To Expect When You’re Expecting Physio | Mahaya Health Services | Toronto Naturopathic Clinic Downtown

If you have never been to a Toronto physiotherapist before, you may have no particular expectations.

I dig that.

Because if you have had physiotherapy before, this will probably not be what you thought you were getting.

Here’s what to expect from a physiotherapy treatment at Mahaya Health.

Physical Assessment

In the physical part of the assessment, we look primarily at your strength, range of motion, and posture.

A pelvic floor assessment has the internal component as well.

This part is all relatively par for the physiotherapy course.

When we get to the treatment is where is gets a bit different…


Myofascial release is a type of body work.

My understanding of it came through John Barnes, who is one of the leading authorities on this gentle form of treatment.

It is most effectively received in a mindful, embodied way that is an ongoing practice in and of itself.

Initially, you may not feel much—or you may feel better and not understand why.

That is pretty common.

You’ll learn to feel the interconnectedness within your body and how to engage with it in a different way.

The patience that I have learned in this approach has been one of its gifts to me, as well as the ability to slow down and not have to force all the time…

Nothing about this will be forced.

You will be met exactly where you are at, we will learn about you together, and you will be given steps to engage with the process on your own.

It is a process that is individual for everyone — I will tell you when to come back, but will not be able to answer ‘how many sessions’ it will take.

what happens during a physiotherapy session and what your should expect | Mahaya Health Services | Toronto Naturopathic Clinic Downtown

What To Expect

  • Expect an experience that you have not had before.
  • Expect to be seen and heard—it is your body and your experience of your pain matters.
  • Expect to be treated like a whole person—literally everything is connected!
  • Expect to learn a new way to treat your body and listen to it—you will leave with some simple self-care to proceed with at home
  • Expect it to be a low stress experience, and to leave more relaxed than when you arrived.

My ultimate goal is to help people reconnect to themselves by engaging with their bodies.

So often that is where we find the answers to the mysteries of our pain.

Our bodies are incredibly smart, and we have an amazing capacity to heal when we re-learn how to tune in, observe, and feel so that we can let go.

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