Providing Integrative Healthcare For Body & Mind

At Mahaya Health, we offer holistic healthcare and trauma-informed psychotherapy, providing comprehensive treatment for a variety of health concerns.

Our Wellness Focus

Healing and recovery are possible through Mahaya Health’s multi-disciplinary patient-centred approach. Our practitioners offer customized treatments geared toward your unique health concerns.

PLEASE NOTE: Our clinic is currently open for acupuncture and massage therapy in-person treatments. We continue to offer naturopathic and psychotherapy/counselling services by phone or video, as well as select in-person appointments. For details and more information you can visit our online booking site or contact your practitioner directly. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

A growing body of research shows an intimate connection between the health of your gut and your mental wellness. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, Mahaya’s practitioners can help you begin the process of healing your gut in order to feel better both mentally and physically.

We offer comprehensive lab testing, nutritional counselling, acupuncture, and herbal medicine to support digestive health. Whatever your digestive concern may be, Mahaya Health has a range of services to support you. 


Are you struggling with low energy, mood swings, or period concerns? From a thyroid condition to painful periods, or PCOS and other fertility concerns, a hormone imbalance can cause a variety of difficult and troubling symptoms.

Working with a Naturopathic Doctor or a Registered Acupuncturist can help you address the root cause of your symptoms to help you feel better balanced, mentally and physically.

If you’re feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed, you’re not alone. And because mental health conditions can also impact your physical health, it’s possible that you’re feeling physical symptoms related to your emotional health.

At Mahaya, our goal is to provide comprehensive treatment that supports your mental wellness. If you’re experiencing emotional highs & lows, struggling with an ongoing eating disorder, or suffering from anxiety & depression, our trauma-informed healthcare practitioners can help.

Persistent pain can be a difficult thing to cope with when you’re trying to just get through the day. More importantly, if it doesn’t seem to go away, it might be indicative of an underlying problem. Pain can have wide-ranging effects not only on your physical health but on your mental health as well.

Here at Mahaya, our practitioners can help you identify any underlying problems while addressing symptoms of physical pain. We are here to support your body & mind through the journey of healing and recovery.

Start creating a healthier life in body and in mind. 

Our Treatment Services

We offer a variety of integrative healthcare and trauma-informed therapy services, providing treatment for complex physical and mental health concerns.

Virtual and in-person appointments

Naturopathic doctors are primary healthcare practitioners that focus on illness prevention and treatments that address the root cause of symptoms. Naturopathic medicine offers solutions for a wide variety of illnesses and health concerns and promotes healing through a broad range of natural therapies.

NDs practice mind-body medicine, considering the effects and impacts of your body as a whole. Book a consultation to find out more.

In-person appointments

Are you dealing with a chronic health condition like fibromyalgia, chronic pain, hypertension, or carpal tunnel? Or are you suffering from mental health difficulties like anxiety, stress, or depression? If so, acupuncture may be the solution you need. Acupuncture is an ancient practice of medicine with very modern applications.

Treatments can be a powerful tool to address your specific concerns, rebalance your system, and enhance your overall health. Contact us to find out more.

Virtual and in-person appointments

Are you facing a challenging period of transition? Do you have trauma in your past, or behavioural patterns you want to break free of? Is a physical ailment taking its toll on your mental state? If so, psychotherapy at Mahaya Health can help.

This primarily talk-based treatment can help you work through a variety of mental or emotional struggles. Contact us to find out about our individual, couples, or group sessions.

In-person appointments

A massage can be a nice, relaxing experience, but there’s more to it than that. Therapeutically speaking a good massage aims to restore your tissues to a healthy state. If you’re dealing with chronic pain, stress, anxiety, a repetitive strain injury, or you’re recovering from an injury, these are just some of the conditions massage therapy can help with.

Massage therapy can be a great addition to your regular healthcare routine, either on its own or in combination with another treatment modality.

Temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19

Are you dealing with ongoing joint pain? Are the pains and discomfort of pregnancy too much to bear? Are digestive issues getting in the way of your life? If so, osteopathic manual therapy can help. This non-invasive manual treatment focuses on movement and alignment.

Your OMP will use gentle manipulations of your tissues to find and relieve blockages in your body which may be causing your pain, discomfort, or illness. Contact us to find out more.

Temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19

Physiotherapy can benefit in recovering from surgery or injuries, and much more than that too. If you’re dealing with chronic pain, fertility or sexual issues, menstrual issues, or postpartum concerns, physiotherapy can help. Mahaya’s practitioners have additional training and expertise in pelvic floor physiotherapy and myofascial release.

Their gentle approach can address restrictions in different areas of your tissue to help reduce your pain and increase mobility.

Start creating a healthier life in body and in mind.

About Our Health Clinic

At Mahaya Health Services, our Toronto-based team of healthcare professionals is here for you.

Established in 2006, Mahaya Health is a team of trauma-informed healthcare practitioners from a wide range of different disciplines.

Mahaya’s team includes practitioners of naturopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), acupuncture, psychotherapy, massage therapy, and osteopathic manual therapy.

Using a diverse range of treatment modalities, the Mahaya team works to understand every factor that could be impacting your physical and mental wellness.

“The goal is to provide you with the greatest opportunity for your body and mind to heal.”

Our Clinic Location

Located at the corner of Yonge and College Street in downtown Toronto, Mahaya Health is easily accessible by streetcar and subway.

Come for the old-fashioned elevator, stay for the holistic healthcare.

Start creating a healthier life in body and in mind.